Thursday, 18 July 2013

Ame-Comi Skin for Harley Quinn in Injustice Game

It is what it is! Harley Quinn's character in Injustice: Gods among us has yet another DLC costume skin and this time it's based off the popular Ame-Comi comics/figurines.

Harley now has her Injustice outfit, Insurgency, Classic, Arkham City and now this.

I wasn't a fan of the blue Catwoman figurine but the DLC skin looks alright here. Frankly, I'm a bit puzzled as to why Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman have snarling cat fight faces and the only cat person there looks docile as all hell. Or, maybe not hell. Bad example.

Cat callisthenics.... or as I like to call it - Cat-isthenics. 

I'm glad they went with this Wonder Woman outfit, her first Ame-Comi outfit was so unappealing to me I don't even have words. And here they are: it was skank central, the hair was stupid and it didn't fit her usual scheme. This one is much better. If you ignore the six inch heels (which are probably okay if you can fly but not if you have to walk in them) this one has a similar look to her classic outfit but with a more mythical look that works. Plus she has armour and a helmet - win win.

I kicked my last incarnation's ass!!

Harley Quinn has either leeched Superman's powers or has a nasty case of pink eye or conjunctivitis.
This looks even worse against her red outfit. Hopefully this is just a colour error and she gets some in game eye drops or something stat! I see they've shortened her liliripes but in hindsight that's probably for safety measures.

Actually here she is again with more angry eyes. Maybe the ends of her jester headdress got into her eyes and that's why they were really cut short?

I'm so angry about my sore eyes that you must die, off-screen character!

These skins are now available on PSN and Xbox Marketplace having been released on 17th July. 

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