Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Injustice of Harley Quinn's costumes

For those who haven't been paying attention,
Oh, just like the people who made this train wreck!
This morning while mooching off some free Wi-Fi, I come across a news article about an alternate costume for Harley Quinn in the Injustice: Gods among us game.

To be completely honest, I wasn't sure if I wanted to click the link. I mean, Harley Quinn, massive fan favourite with a costume that made sense to her character and her name - has suffered greatly at the hands of game developers and DC  New 52 'artists' who assume that a re-model has to be WORSE than the original, as well as trashy and un-clownlike.
Why, hello there!

This is not to say that Harley can never have a new outfit ever - alternate outfits and disguises through out the DC universe have worked wonderfully for her. There was the alternate universe Harley in her Thrillkiller outfit, the gal-in-waiting from Emperor Joker, every new day in Gotham City Sirens.. the Ame-comi series of figurines.. um, this monkey of death thingy.. -->

Even if they were a little weird, we knew it was only for this issue/TPB and then things would be back to normal.

Gonna take this needle and shove it!
....Right in your childhood!

Nowadays, that's not good enough. Oh no, we have to have a new, skankier, jester from the red light district, biker Barbie, faux-nurse imitation Harley for EVERY new book and game we do!

So I thought it was kind of funny when I saw this alternate costume.

Of course you can take me seriously, check out my hardcore ink!
Remind you of anything?

Hey, that look is kinda familiar.

Yeah, it's pretty much the Harley Quinn outfit from Arkham City the game, with twinges of her actual hardcore biker stage during the Joker one shot TPB. Of course, she had a million outfits then too... Ai-yi-yi.

Really not feeling the need for a g-string sticking out every time, tramp stamps peeking out etc. Really, all the Arkham City girls were wearing basically the same costume, just different colours. The real Harley would be the one running around during combat giving wedgies to the stupid women these people keep designing. Several times in the comics we've seen Harley criticising or 'taking care of'' trashy bimbos who serve no purpose. In particular, over endowed 'actresses' slated to play her in an upcoming film, knock off Joker hench wenches etc. 

Why then, do they want us to believe that she's now gone full 360 on that? If she had an issue with her sexuality she wouldn't be wearing a damn skin tight bodysuit! People need to go back to realising that not seeing everything can be a lot more sexy than having it all shoved in your face. We love Harley for Harley - not for her assets alone. 

To me, Harley has always seemed like the more relatable villain compared to bombshells like Catwoman and Poison Ivy. Harley's a good person at heart, but unpredictable and obsessively violent at times. She's treated as an idiot by most of the DC cast despite being smarter than a lot of them but she's content just living her life her way. 

I guess the good news is that if one game developer is slowly realising that everyone hates the new Harley Quinn redesigns and they should steal from previous games, then one day we will be back at classic Harley Quinn back in our lives. It'll be like the good old days - you know, when DC made quality collectibles... oh. 

Well.. we can dream.

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